The Benefits to small and medium size businesses

One of the many challenges a growing business can face is that workload can increase significantly in a short period of time.  Paperwork can pile up quickly and your database can become disorganised and muddled.  Whilst there is not yet a need to employ a full time or part time staff member you need an extra pair of hands.  This is where a virtual assistant can be immensely helpful.  Because virtual assistants work on an “as needed basis”, their service offers flexibility to suit your business.  It could be two hours a week to send out invoices or ten hours a week to deal your emails, accounts and on-line advertising, or anything in between.  This service will enable you to concentrate on growing your business and take on more jobs. 

At Smart Office Solutions Virtual Assistant (SOSVA) we are available anytime during office hours.  Although you only pay for hours worked, you can access office support anytime during operating hours.  In other words, full time office support for the cost of casual staff.

Many business operators are on the go and away from their desks for most of the day.   It is a known fact that if your customers do not get a quick response they are likely to go elsewhere.  Smart Office Solutions can reply on your behalf as quickly as the enquiries come in and you won’t be missing a business opportunity again.

Unlike an employee who would only work a set number of hours on a weekly basis, SOS Virtual Assistant is able to remotely work alongside you as much as needed and grow with your business. 

There are no overhead costs involved such as rent, computers, basic software and electricity nor is extra office space required for a Virtual Assistant.  We do not accrue holiday pay or sick pay and there is no need for superannuation loading.  Therefore, it is a very cost effective way of operating a business for sole trader and the like.

On-line marketing can be a repetitive and time-consuming task; this can easily be outsourced to a virtual assistant.  Our services include preparation of scheduled posts, on-line directory listings, social media and website maintenance along with profile creation. 

If you are a start-up business, SOS Virtual Assistant can provide a “systems set-up service” including apps and software consultation which can improve productivity and administration.  With a good system in place your business will be off to a good start and ready for the challenges ahead.